Smoke shops are back. Since the advent of recreational Cannabis use, particularly in the Waltham area of Boston, head shops, aka vape shops, smoke shops are having a resurgence. Among the smoke shops leading this new age of head shop glamor is a small glass shop in Waltham called LifeStyles Glass Gallery. This small unassuming store has become a hot spot for American glass artists to show off some truly extravagant and extraordinary glass art works.

The Boston area around Newton and Watertown is home to the finest smoke shops, head shops, glass galleries, vape stores and Headys. These smoke shops offer products like glass bongs, dab rigs, CBD, kratom, blunt wraps, rolling papers and more. In the midst of all the best Boston, Newton, and Watertown smoke shops is a Smoke Shop in Waltham that stands out from the crowd.

Smoke Shop Waltham Lifestyles Glass Gallery

The finest glass available anywhere is available on Moody St. Lifestyles Glass Gallery is in the center of Boston’s best and most vibrant neighborhood for those who appreciate the finer points of smoking from a beautiful American made dab rig.

Your Local Smoke Shop, Lifestyles Glass Gallery Quick Search: How to Find…

CBD near me

All the latest brands including the GMP certified, high quality LifeStyles CBD brand of high quality hemp extract products. We carry CBD dabs, CBD flower, CBD oils, CBD capsules, CBD tinctures and more CBD products all in our nice Waltham location.

Hemp near me

Hemp is not the same thing as CBD, in fact, we now have hemp clothing as well as hemp extract products in our head shop. Come in to see a wide variety of hemp and hemp extract products from topicals and tinctures, to clothing and more.

Dab Rigs

We are where Boston goes to get their Dab game on. Our Dab rigs are curated from the best glass blowers on the planet and these artists know how to turn function into high art.

When looking for the best CBD, hemp and vaping products around or near you, LifeStyles Glass Gallery is your one stop shop located right here in Waltham.

Smoke Shop Near Me
Smoke Shop Near Me at the Corner of Moody St & Crescent St. Come Find Us

Lifestyles Glass Gallery is your local Smoke Shop (Moody Street) and when it comes to searching is always going to bring you the best results for an online smoke shop near me inquiry.

Scales Tipped in Your Favor – Enjoy Our Great Customer Service
Come into LifeStyles Glass Gallery in Waltham for a glass bong, dab rig or whatever, and leave feeling like you got some knowledge and a great deal.

Kratom. Come in to see what all the buzz is about.
Kratom is related to the coffee plant and in traditional cultures is stated to be used in many ways and at many times of day and night. It is used for different reasons and effects on well being. Therefore, kratom can be used by the individual for unique purposes.

Bongs The Glass Gallery is Open

Bongs, dab rigs and water pipes from LifeStyles Glass Gallery are known to be the best and most creative ways to smoke. Systems combine water filtration with glass chambers, dab fittings, the purpose of a glass water pipe or bong is to filter, clean and cool hot or particulate smoke. As a result of marijuana’s recreational legality in Boston, glass shops and smoke shops are popping up all over the Waltham area.

With a water pipe or bong that fits you and your product of choice, you can enjoy the coolest, cleanest and best smoking experience possible. LifeStyles Glass Gallery carries a wide array of dab and smoking devices from basic bongs to state-of-the-art setups and one-of-a-kind art pieces.

Dab Rig
Buy Dab Rigs, Glass Bongs and Water Pipes Online

New to the world of bongs, water pipes and dab rigs? We suggest you start small with something easy before going big and expensive. Your basic smoking rig should be easy to use, clean and carry.

Since Cannabis is recreational in Boston, concentrates are becoming more popular. Because it is a great form to consume your favorite legal herbs, it is good for those who enjoy it to invest in a good dab rig, which are sometimes called oil rigs. Dab rigs are similar to bongs, and work like bongs but are set up to vaporize a dab hit.

What Are Dabs?

Dabs are just street slang for vaporized concentrates, usually of the THC or CBD varieties. Try Dab types like shatter, crumble or crystal, which have different consistencies. The different dab makeup is based on how the individual concentrates are manufactured or produced. Therefore, you should choose based on preference, taste and budget.

Headys Near Me – LifeStyles Glass Gallery
If you are looking for the best headys, look no further than LifeStyles Glass Gallery. For any aficionado of fine glass, this head shop, smoke shop, vape shop in the heart of Waltham is the best.

Moody St Smoke Shop
Moody Street in Waltham, Boston is fast becoming a popular destination for art, culture and events. It’s the kind of fun that can only be helped along by a world class smoke shop. As a result of us being in the center of Waltham, this area of Massachusetts is becoming much more fun.

Waltham Smoke Shop
For a local Waltham Smoke Shop, we sure get around. Keep up with us and all our events by checking back on our site often. We will keep you up to date on the latest in bongs, dab rigs, CBD, kratom and everything else you need to know about headys, vape stores, smoke shops and more.

Cheech Dab Rig
Come into LifeStyles Glass Gallery to see our latest supply of glass and smoke shop product and head shop categories including:

  • Glass Bongs
  • Water Pipes
  • Puffco Electric Bongs
  • Electric Dab Rigs
  • Dab Rigs
  • Hand Blown Glass Rigs
  • Custom Glass Bongs
  • Bong Accessories
  • Dab Rig Accessories
  • Glass Pipes
  • Customized Dab Rigs

Searching for “Smoke Shop Near Me” and want the best results? Here are Just a Sampling from the many Products and Brands We Carry at LifeStyles Glass Gallery:

  • Alcohol 99%
  • Special Blue Torch Lighter Monster 2 #DMO104GR
  • Special Blue Torch Lighter The Force #SW02B
  • Blink Torch LB05 Black Raw Clipper Lighter Mini 48/Box
  • Raw Clipper Lighter 48/Box Fan Leaves Clipper Lighter 48/Box
  • Bic Lighter 50+3 Bic Lighter Mini 50+3
  • Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers
  • King Size SlimTips 24/33

Smoke Shop Moody St

  • Ultra Thin Rice Papers 1.25 25/50
  • Leaves Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers Artsanto 1.25 15/50
  • Ultra Thin Rice Papers King Size Slim 1.25 50/32
  • Leaves Elements Ultra Thin Rice Papers Artsanto 1.25 15/50
  • Ultra Thin Rice Papers Artsanto 1.25 15/50
  • Leaves Elements 1.25 Hemp Papers 25/50
  • Red Bambu Cigarette Paper Regular 100ct
  • Trip Clear Cigarette Papers King Size 24/Box
  • Cigarette Papers 1.25 Size 24/Box


  • Cigarette Papers 1.25 Ultra Thin 24ct Zig Zag
  • Zig Zag Orange French Cig Paper 1.25  24ct
  • Papers King Size 24ct Zig Zag


  • EZ – Wider Slow Burning 24ct
  • 1.25 24ct EZ – Wider


  • Smoking Brown Cig Paper 25 -50
  • Leaves 1.25 OCB X- Pert 1.25 Size 24/Box
  • OCB 1.25 Organic Hemp 24/Box
  • King Size Organic Hemp 24/Box OCB
  • X- Pert Slim Fit Size 24/Box OCB
  • OCB 1.25 Size 24/Box


  • Unrefined Tips 50/Tips/Pack  50pack/Box
  • Preforated Gummed Tips 33/Tips/Pack  24pack/Box
  • Raw Black 1.25 Size Slim Classic 50Leaves/Pack 24packs/Box
  • Rolling Paper 1.25 300ct / 40 Box
  • Unrefined Rolling Paper 1.25 24/Box
  • Raw Natural Unrefined Rolling Paper 1.25
  • King Size Slim Organic Rolling Papers 32 Leaves / 50 Box
  • Raw Cigarette paper king size Raw Papers King Size Supreme 24/Box
  • Rolling Papers Tray w/ Tips 1.25 Size Artesano Classic 15/ Box
  • Raw Black King Size Slim Classic 32Leaves/Pack 50Packs/Box
  • Classic Cones 1.25 6/Pack 32/Box
  • Raw Cones Lean 109mm 20 Cones/Pack 12packs/Display
  • Classic Cones KS 3/Pack 32/Box
  • Raw Organic Cones King Size 3/Pack 32/Box
  • Organic Cones 1.25 6/Pack 32/Box


  • 1.25 Cigarette Paper 25ct Bob Marley
  • Bob Marley King Size Cigarette Paper 50ct


  • Organic 24/Box Raw Rolling Paper King Size w/ Tips
  • Connoisseur 24/Box Organic Raw Cigarette papers and Tips 1.25
  • Organic Connoisseur 24/ Box


  • King Palm King Size 50/Box king Palm XL 50/Box
  • 5pack 15/Box King Palm King Rolls 
  • King Palm Slim Rolls 5pack 15/Box
  • 2/pack 15/Box King Palm Mini Size


  • Randys Hemp Wick 40/display Air Tainer 12/Display
  • Grinder # 5916 Grinder # 5915 Grinder # 5917
  • 420 Glass/Metal Cleaner
  • 12oz Grinder #207
  • Randy’s Black Label Cleaner 12oz
  • Juul Pod 8-4pk Cool Mint Neon Butane 7X 300ml/ 10.14 FL. OZ
  • Ignitus Butane 11X 300ml
  • Vector Butane 18650 Batteries 4pk
  • ISMOKE 3N1 Vaporizer Kit Box Mods
  • IPV MIni


  • Box Mods ISTICK 30
  • Mods ISTICK 50
  • Box Mods Sigeli 150
  • Mods Sigeli 30
  • Box Mods Sigeli 50
  • Cannastick Dab Mods


  • CBD Cooling Cream 250 by Lev8 Labs Ltd 
  • 500 mg CBD Cooling Creme by Lev8 Labs Ltd 
  • Lev8 Labs Ltd CBD Cooling Creme 100 mg


  • Terpinated Soap
  • Do-Si-Dos Oatmeal Soap
  • Gelato Oatmeal Soap
  • Lime OG Hemp Oil Soap
  • Wedding Cake Goat Milk Soap
  • Strawberry Lemon Hemp Oil Soap
  • Agent Orange Goat Milk Soap
  • Chocolope Goat Milk Soap
  • Grape God Hemp Oil Soap
  • CBD Soap – Apple Jack Hemp Oil Soap
  • Hemp/CBD Soap – Northern Lights Hemp Oil Soap
  • CBD/Hemp Soap – Zkittles Hemp Oil Soap
  • Hemp/CBD Soap- do-Si-Do Soap


  • Hemp/CBD Terpinated Tincture, 15ml, 500mg
  • CBD/Hemp Wedding Cake
  • Terpinated Tincture, 15ml, 500mg CBD
  • Strawberry Lemon CBD
  • Terpinated Tincture, 15ml, 500mg CBD  
  • Chocolope CBD Terpinated Tincture, 15ml, 500mg CBD
  • CBD Zkittles
  • Terpinated Tincture, 15ml, 500mg CBD
  • CBD Agent Orange
  • Terpinated Tincture, 15ml, 500mg
  • CBD Apple Jack
  • Terpinated Tincture, 15ml, 500mg
  • Northern Lights CBD
  • CBD Oil 750 mg honey
  • 1,000 mg RAW HONEY CBD Oil
  • 1,500 mg RAW HONEY CBD Oil
  • 3,000 mg Hempful Gummies (Bears) 250mg
  • Hempful Gummies (Watermelons) 250mg
  • 250mg Hempful Gummies (Worms)
  • 750mg CBD Gummy Bears Bottle: 
  • CBD Gummy Worms Bottle: 750 mg
  • 750mg CBD Gummy Watermelon Bottle:
  • CBD Gummy Bears Bottle:1500 mg
  • 1500mg CBD Gummy Worms Bottle
  • CBD Gummy Watermelon Bottle:1500mg
  • VEGAN Gummies
  • Chocolate Bites
  • Creamy Vanilla Caramels
  • Golden Maple Caramels
  • DOG Treats
  • Natural CBD Capsules 750mg
  • CBD Body Butter 1 oz Jar: Natural scent 117 mg
  • Organic CBD Body Butter 1 oz Jar:Lemongrass 117 mg
  • CBD Chapstick Organic
  • 100% Natural CBD Soothe Balm 1 oz Jar:Lemongrass Scent 275 mg
  • CBD Soothe Balm 1 oz Jar:Natural Scent 275 mg
  • Strawnana CBD wax- 1000MG
  • Blueberry OG wax- 1000MG
  • Pineapple express CBD wax- 1000MG
  • Mango kush CBD wax- 1000MG
  • Maui Wowie CBD wax- 1000MG
  • Girl Scout Cookies CBD wax- 1000MG


  • Immunity tincture
  • Thera melt caps
  • Tranquility caps
  • Probiotics caps
  • Vitality caps
  • Excel patch 2 pack
  • CBD/Hemp Excel patch 8 pack
  • Hemp CBD Excel patch 24 pack
  • CBD Extreme with Lidocaine 2 pack
  • Patch: CBD Extreme with Lidocaine 12 pack


  • Face serum
  • Eye serum
  • Face cream
  • Body balms-30MG- .5oz
  • Body balms-100MG- 2oz
  • CBD Body Muscle roll ons Sweet Dreams
  • Body Muscle roll ons Muscle Ease
  • Hemp/CBD Body Muscle roll on Stress Away
  • Lip balm
  • CBD Pump Body lotion Unscented
  • Hemp/CBD Pump Body lotion Lavender
  • CBD Pump Body lotion Eucalptyus
  • Bath bombs-25 MG- 6 oz Citrus
  • CBD Bath bombs-25 MG- 6 oz Lavender
  • Tincture/oral spray- 1000MG CBD Unflavored
  • CBD Tincture/oral spray- 1000MG Cinnamon
  • Tincture/oral spray- 1000MG CBD Peppermint
  • CBD/Hemp Oil Tincture/oral spray- 500MG Unflavored
  • Hemp/CBD Oil tincture/oral spray- 500MG Cinnamon
  • Tincture/oral spray- 500MG Peppermint
  • Oral spray CBD oil- 250MG Unflavored
  • CBD oil tincture/oral spray- 250MG Cinnamon
  • Tincture/oral spray- 250MG CBD Peppermint


  • Full Spectrum Hemp Extract Capsules 
  • X-Pen – Hemp Oil Drops 3600mg – (Cinnamint)
  • Respira Hemp Oil 600mg – (Grape Mint)
  • New Respira Hemp Oil 600mg – (Natural)
  • Hemp Oil 1000mg Liposome
  • CBD Hemp Balm 4.oz              (125 MG-CBD)
  • Extra Strength Hemp Balm 4 oz. (250 MG CBD)
  • Rescue Balm Travel Size
  • CBD Drink Powder 21 Pack- Mixed Flavors
  • CREATE CBD Powder 30 Pack
  • BUILD CBD Powder 30 Pack
  • DREAM CBD Powder 30 Pack


  • Cleanse Hemp Hand & Body Wash
  • PURIFY Hemp Cleanser
  • Energize Hemp Hair Shampoo
  • Restore Hemp Hair Conditioner
  • Spirit Hemp Deodorant
  • Bliss Hemp Deodorant
  • Rejuvenate Hemp Serum
  • Replenish Hemp Moisturizer


  • CBD Pet Tincture 250 MG Pet Tincture 500 MG
  • Pet Edibles Rainbows Edibles Bears 500 MG