LifeStyles Glass Gallery in Waltham has a full selection of products for people who love to smoke all kinds of things. We get asked a lot of questions around the holiday season from people who do not normally frequent smoke shops. If you do not smoke but have someone in your life who likes bongs, dab rigs and smoking accessories, this blog is for you. Plus, if you are a local to the Waltham area of Boston around Newton Street and Moody Street, this head shop blog is for you.

What are the top ten gifts to buy in a smoke shop? From bongs, to vapes and accessories, smoke shops have a full range of gifts. Whether you want a $5 stocking stuffer or a beautiful work of glass art valued at thousands of dollars, LifeStyles Glass Gallery can help you find the right gift for the person in your life who loves bongs, vapes, CBD and dabbing.

10. Hand Pipes.

The best gift to get right off the bat is a pipe. If you were late for a party and had 2 minutes to decide on a reasonable gift that can range in price from $5 to $500, a hand pipe is the appropriate choice. Most good hand pipes will set you back about $20 and can be wrapped up as a holiday gift quite easily. Many are delicate, so be sure to wrap it in a box or bubble wrap. LifeStyles Glass Gallery has the largest selection of hand pipes, more than any other pipe in stock so there is plenty to choose from.

9. Hookahs and Hookah Accessories.

Hookahs are more popular than ever. Smoking flavored tobacco from a hookah can be relaxing and a lot of fun at gatherings. LifeStyles Glass Gallery is Waltham’s official hookah headquarters with hookah accessories and hookah tobacco products to choose from. Looking for an exotic and interesting gift for the smoker on your list? Why not a hookah?

8. Vapes and E-Cigs

Vapes and e-cigs are more popular than ever although under scrutiny in Boston. While it is legal to do so, vapes and e-cigs will be available and do make great stocking stuffers. If you have a vape fan who can’t get the ones they want, stop in and see our selection of vapes and e-cigs.

7. CBD Oil

CBD oils are a great way for people to deal with stress naturally. We carry a great line of high quality CBD oils including full spectrum hemp extract oils, flavored CBD and great CBD brands recognized for quality. We can help you find the right CBD, whether for yourself or to give as a gift this year.

6. Hemp Flower

Hemp flower smoking is all the rage so it makes a cool and interesting gift to give someone hemp flower or a pre-roll CBD Hemp Flower joint. Smoking CBD rich hemp flower does not get you high. Smokeable hemp does provide a relaxing feeling as the CBD is absorbed into your blood stream from your lungs. At LifeStyles Glass Gallery in Waltham, we carry a full selection of hemp flower strains including premium hemp flower high CBD strains from Uplifted Flower. We also carry pre-rolled hemp flower joints so you can walk in, walk out and light up.

5. Grinders

It may seem like nothing, but every smoker needs a grinder. Small, compact and mostly indestructible, our selection of herb grinders make great stocking stuffers or inexpensive holiday gifts for the smokers on the list.

4. Stash Bags

If you know a herb smoker, they probably carry around their gear in a plastic baggie or some crappy jar. A stash bag or jar from LifeStyles Glass Gallery will give them a small inexpensive gift they will treasure forever. Stash bags range from the inexpensive to the exotic. They help keep the smell in and they look great doing it.

3. CBD Lotion

Trying to get all your shopping done at the smoke shop? What should you get mom or grandma? They haven’t pulled bong rips in nearly half a century. CBD lotion is your answer. Everyone older than forty has aches and pains that could use soothing and calming. Introduce them to the power of a good CBD lotion, and be the favorite child or grand child once again. LifeStyles Glass Gallery has CBD lotions in all kinds of strengths, scents and from the most popular CBD brands.

2. Bong

Ever gotten a bong for a present? It’s awesome. Ever given a bong as a present? It’s good but not nearly as awesome as getting one. If you have no idea what kind of bong to get your loved one, we can help. Come into the store in Waltham and let us ask you questions. We can ask the right questions about the person on your list and help them pick out the perfect bong that will make the gift of the year.

1. Dab Rig

If you are a mom or dad that knows your adult child smokes and is cool enough to celebrate them with a dab rig, we salute you. If you are the adult child of a parent you know smokes dabs, how awesome was your upbringing? Dabbing is actually a very clean and smart way to take in your concentrates. Because of how a dab rig is set up and the accessories it needs, glass blowers have created amazing art pieces that also function as dab rigs. Thee make for great conversation pieces to have in your home. They are also very impressive when you offer someone a dab hit off your custom rig. best of all, is the custom rig that was bought for you as a gift. You will tell all about your rig and all about the awesome person in your life who gifted it to you. If you have a dabber in your life that is number one on the list, a dab rig is a great way to go.