Illuminati Raindrop Recycler Wax Dab Rig

The Illuminati Raindrop Recycler Dab Rig will expose you to the secrets of a great dab hit.With a Recycler rig, the water flows from the main reservoir or chamber at the bottom, up through the Oil Rig or Dab Rig’s side and top glass chambers. The water is essentially “recycled” the  it goes back down through the rig to collect at the bottom.

  • Artist: djohnnylawless
  • Color: Illuminati raindrop sand-blasted
  • Joint: 14 mm Joint
  • Height: 8 inches
  • Description

    Product Description

    Recycler Wax Dab Rigs like the Illuminati Raindrop feature multiple water chambers. Multiple chambers in a dab rig make for a clean and easy smoking experiences. At LifeStyles Glass Gallery in Waltham, you will find scientific glass (including Recyclers), bongs, dab rigs, heady glass pieces, vapes, dab accessories and much more.

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