Ben Beano x Matt Campo Recycler

Very adaptable, the Ben Beano x Matt Campo recycler rig can be used to smoke dry hemp flower, tobacco, and concentrates like wax and shatter. No matter what their design or style, all recycler dab rigs and recycler bongs filter or “cycle” the bong water and smoke or vapor multiple times for optimum cooling and filtration.

  • Artist: Ben Beano x Matt Campo
  • Color: Golden Silver Fume over Clear
  • Joint: 14 mm, 90 degree
  • Height: 7 inches
  • Description

    Product Description

    Dab rigs called Recyclers or Recycler rigs are newly popular form of scientific glass that is very popular in Waltham and with the rest of the dabbing world. These rigs most often feature multiple water filtration chambers for the highest level of vapor or smoke filtration.

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