Ben Beano Scallop Tube

Cool beans, the Ben Beano Scallop Tube rig can be used to smoke dry hemp flower, tobacco, and concentrates like wax and shatter. No matter what their design or style, all dab rigs and recycler bongs filter, cycle or recycle the bong water and smoke or vapor multiple times for the best experiences.

  • Artist: Ben Beano
  • Color: Clear
  • Joint: 10 mm female, 45 degree
  • Height: 4 inches
  • Description

    Product Description

    Dab rigs and bongs like the Ben Beano Scallop tube oil rig and flower rig can be used as bongs or bowls. These are popular in Waltham smoke shops. Bongs that work as dab rigs most often feature more than just one water filtration chamber for a really clean hit from a heady piece.

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