Hi, We’re LifeStyles Glass Gallery

Our Mission is to always provide our customer with quality American made glass made by local and well-known artist and (or) reputable companies that produce quality products at a reasonable price.

About LifeStyles Glass Gallery

Life Styles Glass Gallery (LSG) was established in 2013, Waltham, Massachusetts; combining the interests of smoke shop and a vape shape. LSG depicts these interests, bringing an assortment of affordable products to a community that shares the same interests.

LSG offers everything from
specialty glassware to accessories to suit the wants of our community. We are a community-driven specialty store that is devoted to our customers. We make it a point to not only provide for our customers, but to know them as well

  • Waltham Smoke Shop

How it Became a LifeStyle for Us

The first time I knew I had fallen in love with the art of glass blowing was in the summer of 2013 at the first Beast Coast Secret Sesh. That was where I met and saw glass artists like Steve Cambria and Matt Donofrio and a few other Distributors like The Glass Enthusiast. After that day I have been growing nothing but more and more love for this community and all the people in it.

The next big realization I had that concreted my passion for this community was when I went out to the first Dream Labs Glass Sydnicate drop in Seattle Washington at 52nd shop where I had met Joe Peters, Dave Peters, Mongrel Glass, Joe Copeland, and a few other artists that put together Dream Labs Glass. From that event, I had brought back to My gallery a few gems of the community the best of them being “the happy little tube” a collaboration between Joe Peters his brother Dave and the guys over at Dream Labs Glass.

This meeting and experience were only the first since my first beast coast event that had brought me down this rabbit hole of glass art! the next great experience I had was in December 2016 at the heaterz event in Denver Colorado when I got the invite to go experience the guys over at Everdream studios including some of the greatest names in the industry as followed Joe Peters, Buck Glass, Quave, Puntington, Wjc Glass, N8, Adam g or sweater kingpin, Elbo… Ect, throw down on the torch in front of me the pieces that would be part of the biggest glass show ever to date.